I started David Pool Photography in 2003 because I wanted to do something truly meaningful with my photography and my life. Think about it. If there’s a fire, what are the first things we think of? Is the family safe? Are the pets safe? Did anyone save the photographs? Our photographs preserve our history, traditions, and treasured memories. Photographs are literally invaluable.

I specialize in pet photography, portrait, real estate, and small wedding photography. Whether you’re interested in a traditional look, or something more stylistic, I listen and create according to your vision. I work in-studio or on location. Sittings typically last about an hour, but can range from as little as a half-hour to multiple day projects.

Session fees include shooting, and post-production. The session fee is $100.00 for private clients, $300 for commercial. Over 1200 options for prints, keepsakes, downloads, or merchandise items are available through SmugMug.com. Package prices usually include high-resolution digital images, depending on the client's specific needs. Supplementary image capture or photographic processing is $35.00/hr.

Small weddings are $500.00. Image capture, post-production, digital images, and a professionally edited commemorative photo-book are included. Prints are ordered separately.

Methods of payment include cash, check, or major credit cards.

DPP Gift Certificates are $175.00. Each gift certificate is beautifully designed and personalized for giving, and includes shooting, editing, and digital images.

I'll be happy to hear from you. Let’s get started on your project today!